San Jose

Roam the Winchester, by Flashlight, on Friday the 13th

Spend a mysterious March night in a famous San Jose mansion.

Winchester Mystery House

WHEN WE THINK OF FRIDAY THE 13TH, we might summon a tree full of crimson and golden leaves to mind, and the dewy spiderwebs of fall, and perhaps a chill wind or two. We're not thinking about tulips, or cherry trees, or roses, or balmy afternoons, for the eerie holiday and springtime's softer pleasures don't seem like natural best buddies. But the calendar will have the final say, and in 2020 there happens to be a Friday the 13th within the merry, not-so-scary month of March. And while you can certainly watch a favorite fright film, or listen to a thrilling podcast, on that day, you can also make the trek to San Jose, where one of the world's most mysterious houses will welcome visitors for a rare after-hours event. It's...

THE WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE, a place that traditionally keeps daytime hours. There are the tours that happen when the sun is high, for those visitors who want to know more about the mansion's former owner, Sarah Winchester, and her drive to build a rambling manor for a host of otherworldly residents. But on Friday the 13th, the Winchester Mystery House hands out the flashlights, all for people to explore the structure after sundown (yep, a guide is at the lead). Tickets are on sale now, so snap yours up if experiencing this haunting destination when the moon is high has always been on your wish list. What tales will you hear? Will they chill the marrow of your bones? And how many instances of the number 13, Mrs. Winchester's favorite number, can you find around the house? Eek.

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