Running Up the Mountain

UPWARDS/ONWARDS: The annual Tram Road Race at the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway is not your average 6K. We'd argue there are hardly any average 6Ks, of course -- each brings its own gifts and challenges -- but the fact that the tram race heads uphill, to Valley Station, is a big one. Let's amend that and say it heads very, very uphill. Not to the top of Mount San Jacinto. Not nearly. But notably far up. Runners, at one point in the race, gain over 2,600 feet in 3.7 miles. Meaning you are moving kind of vertically and at a good clip, too. And that final kilometer? The grade is very close to 19%. Now some might would wave their hand and say "no thanks." But we're very much assured that some are already digging out their shoes and shorts and clearing their calendar on Saturday, Oct. 29.

RAISING FUNDS: The Jody Klein Breast Cancer Fund is the day's beneficiary. Here's some video from a few years back. Word to know: It's cold starting out. Layers, layers, layers. After all, you'll be running up a mountain.

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