Running Wild to Whitney

The virtual race is on, and its goal is so good-hearted: Raise money for Sequoia Parks Conservancy.


HOOFING IT... from Crescent Meadow, a serene spread found in Sequoia National Park, all the way to Mt. Whitney, "the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States"? Do the math, try out different equations, measure shadows, gather sunlight, pore over maps, gaze within, ponder deeply or consult a friend: That's some serious running, however you choose to look at it. But what if you could cover the distance between the two spectacular Sierra spots, in spirit, by actually moving around your neighborhood? That's what's happening during Running Wild to Whitney, "a virtual race event" from Sequoia Parks Conservancy.

DON'T SWEAT IT, THOUGH, when you see the distance you'll need to run (or swim or stroll or bike or you-name-it); you'll need to complete the 61.5 miles not in a day or two but by the end of November 2020. "Racers can complete the mileage on their own or they can form and join a team," says the fundraiser's site, but keep in mind that if you go the team route you can only "claim one prize per category." You have through Nov. 8 to register, and the individual cost is $40 (team registration is $125). Prize packages? Those are happening, as is the joy and knowledge that you're supporting some superb specimens and the organization that does so much for the tall trees.

RUNNING, WALKING, OR BIKING... in your neighborhood? It's not quite the same as legging it from Crescent Meadow up, up, up Mt. Whitney, but if you adore your Sierra sojourns, and can't wait to return one day, this is a good, get-moving way to show your enduring sequoia support from home.

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