Santa Barbara's Starry Film Festival Is Nearly Here

The 11-day cinegathering includes screenings, panels, and celebrity tributes.

EACH FILM FESTIVAL... has its own distinct personality and outlook and vibe. The Sundance Film Festival, which wraps just ahead of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival's annual debut, has that whole snowy mountain mojo going, and a penchant for breaking new directors and scribes (actually, the not-so-new directors and screenwriters who've been tirelessly working for a decade to get their film to a screen). Palm Springs International Film Festival? The year-beginning bash is so chic, so sunny, and so tempting to top-level stars. And the SBIFF, in the American Riviera, has that sunshiny character, too, and a celebrity thing, but it also boasts a bit of a quirky nature. Exhibit A? It rocks an event during the festival called Super Silent Sunday, which gives movie lovers a chance to go way, way back and see silent films presented large with live music lending drama and flair. And the whole...

FOODIE SCENE AT THE FESTIVAL? It's always robust, with a slew of impressive culinary partners delivering on the interesting dining front. The not-so-uppity upshot of this starry festival is this... it has a laid-back and lovely approach that fits its ocean-close setting, and the 2018 run, which is on from Jan. 31 through Feb. 10, 2018, looks to fold right into that feeling. Among the specific happenings of the upcoming festival? The Maltin Modern Master recipient is Gary Oldman, the Outstanding Performers of the Year award will be presented to Margot Robbie and Allison Janney, and the panel line-up includes Creative Forces: Women in the Business. And 'the public' is the opening night film, and other cinematic treats like "Oh Lucy!" fill out the huge grid. For all the happenings at the 11-day party, click. Need a place to stay for the night after all of that movie-watchery? Here are the festival's hospitality partners.

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