Save on a Sweet Pageant of the Masters Valentine's Offer

Surprise your paramour with tickets to the summer hold-a-pose spectaculars (and save money for a limited time).

HOLD A POSE? We're not typically asked to do so, in day-to-day life, with one major asterisk: the holidays. For if we are posing for a family photograph, or if a relative asks us to recreate the spontaneous reaction we enjoyed the moment we opened a gift, we can find ourselves frozen in place, for several seconds or longer, while someone takes our picture. The rest of the year, though? It has more flow, and movement, in general, except for a certain stage in Laguna Beach, from early July to the first day of September, where well-costume'd, well-made-up volunteers recreate famous artworks without any muscle moving. If you'd like to add a dash of that offbeat delightfulness to a holiday that's on the near horizon, one where you may be asked to hold a pose should you and your sweetheart get together for a picture, take note: The Pageant of the Masters, the beloved tableau vivant production that's run in Laguna Beach for 85 years, has a Valentine's special on, and it involves 20% off a ticket to the 2018 summer spectacular, which has quite the charming theme: "Under the Sun."

THE DEAL? Purchases your tickets through Wednesday, Feb. 14, use the promotional code V20 to do so, and see a cool twenty percent lopped off the price. You can buy your seats on the web site, or ring up the Pageant at 800-487-3378. There are a few asterisks — the deal doesn't apply to Aug. 25 nor loge center seats on any night — but bet you'll find some sweet seats for your sweetheart (if you are indeed gifting your paramour with this summery treat). Trust that Pageant sales'll be humming as summer draws near and seats will go, go, go as quickly as people on the stage stay, stay, stay inside the celebrated paintings they're recreating. Details? No pose-holding required: Get 'em now.

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