Savor Summer Sunsets During ‘Evenings at Glen Ivy'

Live music and sound bath meditations will fill the twilight-soft hours on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, all the way through to late September.

Glen Ivy Hot Springs

What to Know

  • June 11-Sept. 26, 2021
  • Fridays through Sundays, 4 to 9 p.m. (not offered on July 4)
  • Sound bath meditations, soft music, a dinner package, and other winddown-type happenings will fill the Corona-based hot springs

CALL IT THE GLOAMING, or twilight, or the Golden Hour, or the time before, during, and just after sunset. Call it the most marvelous stretch of the day, the minutes when the mind finally grows mellower, our chance to pause and observe our deeper thoughts. However you refer to the end of the daylight, and the beginning of the starlight, you likely have some strong and sweet feelings about the eveningtime, when the hurried parts of life begin to seem, well, distinctly unhurried. To honor these special hours, and to help guests find some of that specific summer magic that seems to roll in around June, Glen Ivy Hot Springs is kicking off a wonderful way to bask in weekend evenings.

EVENINGS AT GLEN IVY... is the name of this limited-time series of happenings, but fret not: Everything that is set to shimmer on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, through much of the summer season, is not a "happening" in the sense that you'll be overly busy and full of bustle. Rather, lilting live music, sound bath meditations, and the sort of winddown pursuits that suit the most golden span of a summer's day are what's on the effort-free, take-it-easy agenda. If you're peckish, there's also an Evenings Dinner Package, made for two people, for $180. But if you simply feel like adding an evening experience onto your daytime visit, no dinner required? You can do just that, for an additional $25 (this fee includes "access to the grounds and entertainment").

A FEW THINGS TO NOTE? Evenings at Glen Ivy won't be offered on July 4 (which is a Sunday in 2021), and it stretches into the very start of autumn, with a concluding date on Sept. 26. Ready to touch the twilight, gather at the Golden Hour, and soak in a pool as the sun sets behind the pretty hills of the Temescal Valley? Read more now and find your way to this storied spa, which is home to both Club Mud and lovely grounds that set a serene mood, whatever the hour on the clock.

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