Mammoth Mountain

Schuss Through Memorial Day at Mammoth Mountain

Some snow-strong March dumps means the Sierra ski favorite can keep the slopes open through all of May.

Mammoth Mountain/Peter Morning

What to Know

  • Memorial Day 2021 is on May 31
  • Early March snowfall brought several more skiable feet to the destination
  • Safety guidelines remain in place at the resort so review all

HOPING FOR A GOOD SKI DAY, the sort of bluebird-y experience that delivers dazzling vistas, crisp temperatures, and plenty of schuss-ready space, is one thing, but slopin' for a good day feels like a more magical and merry way to anticipate returning to a favorite run. And if you're slopin' that the ski season will push well into springtime, well, that slope, er, hope isn't in vain. For Mammoth Mountain just announced that it will stay open through Memorial Day, which, in 2021, happens to be the final day of May.

"MAMMOTH'S SECOND SEASON STARTS NOW," is the call to action on the Mammoth site, which provides the very solid season totals and base depths. Early March saw some snowy spans, giving the resort reason to keep that "second season" going strong. A few things to know? Safety protocols remain in place on the mountain, and lines for the lift run the gamut from "shorter" to "non-existent." You'll want to check out any lodging or dining discounts before you visit the area, too, as savings tend to crop up in the springtime.

AND IF YOU HOLD AN IKON PASS... for 2021-2022? Word from Mammoth Mountain is this: "2021-22 Ikon Pass holders (including those who deferred their 20-21 passes) can also use them THIS YEAR at Mammoth, starting April 12." Sweet. For more information on springtime skiing, safety must-knows, and how to make for the mountain's slopes, even in late May, schuss by this site now.

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