Seasonal Suds Star at the OC Brew Ho Ho

If you prefer your hops with a side of holiday zing, find your foams at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim.

YOU KNOW THEM WHEN YOU SEE THEM, even from a distance, even from across the store, those beers that are themed to the holidays. There might be some snowflakes on the cans, or some holly on the box, or the caps on the bottles might sparkle like a Christmas tree ornament. But you're sure, should you buy and then try one of those beers that it will have some of the distinctive flavors of the season, from ginger to mint to those subtler nog-focused notes. These aren't flavors that should ever overpower what the beer itself is, but a dash of cinnamon in a creamier brew has a way of reminding one that December is now here. But you can also be reminded on Saturday, Dec. 9 should you visit the...

PHOENIX CLUB... in Anaheim. That's when the OC Brew Ho Ho will jingle onto the merry premises, bringing with it a host of holiday and seasonal ales and craft beers. If this is your thing, but you never find more than one holiday beer at a festival, consider this your chance to savor craft libations with a Christmas theme. Santa will be in the house for pictures, of course — it would be the OC Brew Ho Ho with Mr. Kringle — and the tunes to sip by shall also be carol-y in nature. A "Brewery Merchandise Expo" is also planned for the afternoon affair, which begins at noon. Need at ticket? They run from $40 to $55. Find them here, and don't forget to wear the perfect shirt or blinking-bulb sweater, the sort of yuletide togs practically made for trying a tangy holiday brew.

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