Seeking a Scent Inspired by the Sequoias

There's a fragrance that takes its flair from the towering forests of California, and every purchase helps a sequoia-supporting fund.

James Yu

What to Know

  • Abbott's Master Perfumers
  • $25 for 8mL/.27 fl. oz. or $75 50mL /1.7 fl. oz.
  • 15% of the proceeds are donated to the Sequoia Conservation Fund

NAMING THE DISTINCTIVE AROMA OF YOUR AREA? That's probably easy, if you live near the ocean ("briny, salty") or a bakery ("doughy, delicious") or a coffeehouse ("peppy, caffeinated"). But all places, even if a dough-type, briny-strong scent isn't present, can still inspire a scent, including those more remote locations that are dearly loved by so many. Take the sequoias, for instance. Ever leaned in for a good sniff? Maybe not, but, if you did, you might call the fragrance of the tall trees "green" or "loamy" or even "ethereal," which works for these unearthly yet earthbound icons. If you've longed to wear a sequoia in your day-to-day life, but understand that an actual sequoia, which weighs several tons, is too big to actually dab behind your ears, turn your gaze upon a...

SCENT INSPIRED BY THE TREES: "Fragrance by Abbott — Sequoia" is a "... deep, woodsy and smoky unisex fragrance, inspired by the towering forest of Sequoia National Park." You can find it in two sizes in the Sequoia Parks Conservancy store, with a travel-sized version priced at $25 and a $75 larger size (details on sizes may be found at the shop). And here's the good-hearted give-back part: "15% of all proceeds from Abbott's Sequoia products will be put into SPC's Sequoia Conservation Fund." Eager to donate directly to this important cause, which "... supplies funding that can be deployed rapidly to the parks to address changing conditions to help mitigate the effects of climate change on giant sequoias in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks"? You can, right here.

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