Seeking Fall Splendor in Yosemite and Madera County

Find solo rolls, big skies, and an autumnal goldenness in the Yosemite neck o' the (literal) woods.


SPRING IS A SEASON... that seems to burst all at once. One day you're gazing at a shrub or tree or a garden full of tiny spriglets and then, just a day or two later, a profusion of blossoms has captured your flower-loving fancy. Something nice, though? Autumn, especially when the middle of October arrives in the hillier parts of the Golden State, also aces that bursting-all-at-once-ness. Some trees you encounter during the tenth month will still be as green as a blade of grass, but just around the corner? A stand of sunshine-hued aspens is clacking in the breeze. There are several places to roam in California as October's showy second half rolls out, including marvelous Madera County and the woodsy, lake-y, and utterly lovely Yosemite region.

THAT TIME IS NOW, and color burstingness is in full, spectacular swing in several spots. You can find leaf-peeping inspiration at the California Fall Color blog, as well as things to do at Visit Yosemite Madera County. The 10 Experiences to Fall for This Fall list includes suggestions for birding at beautiful Bass Lake, mountain biking at Hensley Lake, calling upon some sky-high giant sequoias, finding spots to grab an outdoor bite, and, yes, discovering the oaks, aspens, and other regional trees that put on a grand show in the fall foliage department. Bursting things have a way of quickly reaching the conclusion of their burst-a-tude, and that happens all too fast with autumnal color. So don't dally, leaf lovers; find your fall adventure ASAP.

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