Sensorio Marks Three Years of Central Coast Shimmer

The ethereal Paso Robles art installation will celebrate with complimentary cake and bubbly.

Chris Hardy

THREE JOURNEYS: The opportunity to experience the ethereal world of Bruce Munro: Light at Sensorio, the artist's illuminated installation? A journey will need to take place, even if you happen to be in or near Paso Robles. The sizable piece dots a spacious expanse of Central Coast wine county not far from the heart of Paso Robles, covering 16 acres with incandescent "flowers" and glowing towers, captivating creations that shimmer with saturated light come nightfall. But the first journey, getting to where Bruce Munro: Light at Sensorio is located, is not the only jaunt you'll take; the second journey is one that involves a ramble around the spread-out sensation, which may quickly prompt the third and perhaps most monumental journey of the night: A journey within.

ILLUMINATED ADVENTURE: If "a journey within" sounds a bit deep, feeling enchanted by an area that is illuminated with the most diaphanous and diminutive sources of soft light can inspire some looking within, or at least a contemplative mindset, one that's easy to enjoy when standing in a field of pure, colorful glow. It is a glow that hundreds of thousands of visitors have enjoyed since the installation's arrival in California in May 2019, and, to honor that, Bruce Munro: Light at Sensorio will celebrate its third anniversary on May 30. There shall be complimentary cake, as well as bubbly for 21+ guests, and baseball hats, too, though note supply may be limited. Members of the military, active and former, as well as their families, are invited to enjoy a 50% discount on admission (May 30 is Memorial Day in 2022), too, on the special day.

DETAILS... on the anniversary bash? Find them here. Hoping to visit Bruce Munro: Light at Sensorio sometime this summer? All of the details you need are glimmering here.

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