Sonoma County

Show Your Support for the Sonoma County Farm Trails

Been wondering how you can help a farmer you fancy? There are ways to reach out across the miles and order the products you love.


SUMMERTIME IS RIPE... for fun, for adventure, for noodling around back roads and making impromptu stops, the sort of stops that may net you just-bottled juices or soap made from goat's milk or a 'grammable bouquet of flowers. And finding ripe goodies, to pair with summer's ripe days? You only need to make your way to an area that's beloved for its beautiful farms and orchards and agricultural spaces. The Sonoma County Farm Trails is one such destination, and the warmest stretch of the year often finds visitors cuddling various adorable critters and shopping for delicious oils and tasting winning wines and meeting the people who grow all sorts of fruits and vegetables.

THE SUMMER OF 2020? It has changed travel, greatly, due to the pandemic, but there are still ways to connect with the farms and makers you're keen to support. There's a Resources & Info page on the farm trails site, and it has links for those who are local and would like to sign up for food deliveries. Not local? No worries: There's a page devoted to online ordering, which means you can shop from favorites like Beekind ("Gifts From The Hive"), Cowgirl Creamery, and Lynn's Lavender & Lotsmore. As for wines and ciders? There are so many prominent names on the roster, so prepare to pour a glass and spend some pleasant time scrolling.

YOU MAY NOT BE ON THE ROAD... just yet, but there is a way to roam the Sonoma County Farm Trails, from afar, and buy the fragrant, flavorful, and bee-utiful products the verdant area is famous for. Ready to Go SoCo? Start here.

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