Sigh Over Monterey Peninsula's ‘Magic Carpet'

Find the colorful ice plants around Monterey, Pacific Grove, and neighboring communities in April and the beginning of May.


WHAT PAIRS WELL WITH OCEAN BLUE? The sensational color of the sea, that azure-bright blue that gives the water its wonderful hue, really goes well with everything, from deep reds to chocolate browns. But many ocean aficionados, especially those people who call upon the Central Coast in April and May, would name "ice plant purple" as their favorite complementary color, the one that really adds oomph when placed near ocean blue. Surely you know "ice plant purple" or "ice plant magenta" or "ice plant pink"? These are the plants that bloom not far from the waves in the weeks after the spring equinox. And bloom these flowers shall, starting around early April. Where to go to experience one of the brightest blossoms you'll ever behold?

PACIFIC GROVE... is a solid bet, as is Monterey, and other rocky-shore'd, otter-adjacent spots around the Monterey Peninsula. If you're planning on doing the MonPen over many days, you could make a whole ice plant tour of it by following these go-here-go-there suggestions from See Monterey. Of course, while ice plants is the fine and accurate way to refer to this spray-lovely display, there is another name that fans use for it: The Magic Carpet. Too whimsical? Or not nearly whimsical enough for a flower that has oodles of neon kapow? If experiencing every quintessential wildflower found in the Golden State is on your bucket list, make a stop by the Central Coast in April or early May.

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