Sonoma County

Signs of Autumn: Gravenstein Apple Fair Benefit Concert

The sweet Sonoma County favorite is the star of this fundraiser, which will help support the 2022 fair.


What to Know

  • Saturday, Aug. 14
  • Ragle Ranch Park in Sebastopol
  • $75; the fundraiser supports the 2022 of the two-day fair

AUTUMN ON THE WIND? Fall fans usually have their sensors on autumnal alert come August. It might be the first golden leaf, the first chilly-ish morning, or the return of pumpkin spice treats to the store shelves that give those who love the mellowest of seasons reasons to be cheery. But around Sonoma County, lovers of the "-ber" months also keep an eye out for a beloved bash, one that has long flowered in the eight month. We're talking about the weekend-long celebration of the juicy, oh-so-flavorful Gravenstein apple. The pretty pomme's party is truly one of the first apple-themed gatherings on the calendar, making is a sweet sign of autumn in the produce-bountiful area. And while the large-scale festival won't be happening in 2021, something else is sprouting.

IT'S A BENEFIT CONCERT, a smaller but spirited event that's all about raising funds for the 2022 festival. Rather than the 15,000 people that have traditionally swung by the apple celebration, the Aug. 14 show will have room for 1,500, and it will be by reservation only. Of course, there will still be pre-fall flavors, with farm-fresh foodstuffs for sale and local restaurants on the grounds, all to cater to peckish concert goers. On the stage, ready to give music lovers all of the folk-tastic feelings and acoustic thrills? T Sisters is the headliner, with Burnside and the Whiskey Family Band with Alison Harris on the line-up, too, as well as other musical gems. Eager for autumn and ready to help out a fruitful fair, a late-summer staple that's become quite a merry must-do over the years? Start here, to purchase a ticket for this open-air, apple-sweet songfest.

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