Skate by This Winsome Wine Country Roller Rink

St. Helena's "Jingle All the Way" is full of festive charm.

Jingle All the Way

ICE RINKS AROUND CALIFORNIA? You can find an impressive number of seasonal pop-ups at the merry moment. There are those places that serve cocoa, and the locations that regularly play vintage tunes, and those spots that push the frosty fun into the late hours of the night. But finding a holiday roller rink? One that doesn't involve blades under your feet but does feature four wheels? That's rather quirker, at least near the end the year. Roller rinks, at least the pop-up, limited-time kind, tend to be seen in the warmer months. How fun and unusual, then, that a picturesque Napa Valley town is going the roller route for its yuletide-themed experience, a holiday happening called...

JINGLE ALL THE WAY: The spot? It's St. Helena's Lyman Park. And if you've done wine country at Christmas, you're probably trying to recall if you saw a sparky and sweet roller rink in this particular corner of N.V. before. Answer? You haven't, for this is the very first holiday-flavored roller rink to debut in St. Helena. The rink itself? If you're a fan of San Francisco's own Church of 8 Wheels, you'll recognize its vibe. It's all ho-ho-going through Sunday, Dec. 29, giving you a few weeks to stop by, if you're calling upon some regional wineries or restaurants for the Christmas week. Look also for Winter Disco Rides, Ice Igloos, Snow, and DJs, too. On warm-you-up front? Delicious cocoa will be in the house, and, you bet, wine for the 21-and-over set, as well as hot toddies.

FOR MORE INFO... on this funky and festive spin on the yuletide rink, one that's all about wheels, not blades, jingle-jingle your way to the attraction's online HQ now.

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