Lake Arrowhead

SkyPark at Santa's Village Extends the Holiday Fun

Frosty weather caused a power outage at the attraction, but the festive doings will continue for a few additional days once the power returns.

SkyPark at Santa's Village

What to Know

  • "A Nostalgic Christmas in the Woods" will pop up at the attraction over four new dates: Jan. 6-9, 2022
  • Power is expected to be restored on Tuesday, Jan. 4
  • $69 adult; $59 child (ages 4 to 12); $59 senior (ages 60-74)

SANTA IS MAGIC, as everyone knows, and it isn't simply that he responds to millions of sweet wishes, or that he can fly around the world in a single night, or that he famously spoils a hardworking team of enchanted reindeer. He also has an impressive knack for commanding time (see: flying around the world in one night), and when something amiss happens, he can mend it with the whimsical wave of his gloved hand. Take SkyPark at Santa's Village, the charming mid-century attraction that is a short hop from Lake Arrowhead, as a reindeer flies. Some major snowstorms, on Christmas 2021 and the days that followed, caused a considerable number of power outages around the mountain community, including at the family-sweet destination. Santa's Village had to shutter for several days, but now that the power will return, on Jan. 4 (fingers crossed, and reindeer hooves, too), the...

CHRISTMAS FUN... will be extended, at least for a short but spirited stretch. "A Nostalgic Christmas in the Woods" was due to end on Sunday, Jan. 2, 2022, but now it will merrily continue through four fanciful days, from Jan. 6 through 9. The happening, which includes several outdoor diversions, has plenty of sweet snapshot opportunities, character sightings (like Arrow, the Clauses' noble dog), and activities that have a yuletide theme. "All guests who were unable to use their Santa's Village Day Pass tickets are welcome to redeem their rainchecks for this week," shared the attraction on its Facebook feed, as well as the wish that the Christmas spirit remains "strong" over a few more days to come. Tickets? You can find those here, as well as important information about the attraction's safety policies.

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