SLS Hotel: Summer Loves Sunshine Package

Relax in your cabana alongside the Altitude Pool.

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SLS Hotel

SUMMER IS NOW SETTLING IN, bringing with it daydreams of refreshing beverages and lingering in a shady spot, possibly with magazines and the aforementioned beverage, and, maybe, a cool, afternoon siesta. But finding the centerpiece of that particular daydream, a swimming pool, can be rather trickier than locating a magazine or icy libation. You can ask around, among your pals, to see who might have access to a pool, preferably one with a shady area in which to properly lounge, but actually discovering such a delightful place is another matter. Such niceties often exist at some of our swankier hotels — beverages, shady spots, pools — and it so happens that SLS Hotel, in Beverly Hills, is greeting the arrival of the temperature-toasty season with a fresh package. It's called...

SUMMER LOVES SUNSHINE, and it is on through Sept. 30, 2017, meaning it'll last throughout the summer, and a pinch into fall, too (which, let's be honest, is hot 'round these parts). It includes a premium suite for the night, and a credit worth $100 at Ciel Spa. As for the shade-pool dynamic? That'll all happen at the Altitude Pool, thanks to the personal cabana that's part of the package. And to go in your cabana? A Sunshine Dreaming Tote, which includes a hat and tumbler (both have the SLS logo), Sun Bum sunscreen (it's in spray form), your own sunglasses (they're from Toms), and a Sunshine Dreaming pillow, should you doze for a few minutes in your cabana. If this sounds right up your luxe-loving alley, give SLS Hotel a call to find out further details. 

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