Snag a Fab Feb. 29 Travel Deal

It's "a deal 4 years in the making" at Pacific Hotels, one with substantial savings.

Pacifica Hotels

THE 29TH DAY OF FEBRUARY? It's such an unusual, frankly fanciful day, and it almost demands that we spend some time doing unusual, frankly fanciful things. Those things might include sipping a cocktail made with a fruit we've never tried before, or visiting an attraction that has an art style we're unfamiliar with, or planning a road trip to somewhere fantastic and new to us. Pacifica Hotels can helps us complete this last lovely task, and, you bet, they're going to help us do it, and save money, too, on Saturday, Feb. 29. That's when the company's...

ONE-DAY SALE... begins, and ends, and it will go something like this: You book a stay at a Pacifica Hotels property on Feb. 29, for a stay that will happen between Feb. 29 and May 31, 2020. Then? You will enjoy saving 29% off the room rate, an ode to the unusual occasion. And then? You will plan your adventure to Oceanpoint Ranch in quaint Cambria or The Wayfarer, a stylish centerpoint of the Funk Zone in Santa Barbara, or Half Moon Bay Lodge, or La Jolla Cove Hotel & Suites. Choosing? That's the "difficult" part, and we're actually air-quoting "difficult," because deciding where you'd like to go on a Golden State spin-around is actually full of promise and pleasure.

HOW TO GET THIS DEAL? In a word, LEAP. That's the code you'll need to secure the savings, so enter LEAP before you finish locking in your rate. Again, this is only available to book on Feb. 29, for stays from Feb. 29 through May 31, 2020. Planning a road trip? That's a pretty good use of time on one of the calendar's most magical days, we say.

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