Snow for Snow Valley Is Predicted, Oh Yeah

The damp chill at the lower elevations will translate into flakes at the mountain resort.

RAIN DOWN HERE... means rain up there? It can go that way sometimes, depending on where the "up there" might be. Often, though, snow does fall at the higher elevations while the droplets rule the lower lands, if the temperature says so, and other meteorological factors line up like so many skis along a wall. Which is all to say this: As of the first day of the first major Southern California storm of 2018, Snow Valley Mountain Resort in Running Springs is... closed. It will also be closed on Tuesday, Jan. 9, and if you've unhanded your poles and gloves solely to scratch your head and say "what the..?," know this: Things are wet, and not flaky, on the slopes as of Jan. 8. But! But hold on one moment, please, thank you very much. Snow, actual snow, is expected on Jan. 9, which means that everything'll be back open on Wednesday, Jan. 10, with some new fresh straight-from-the-sky flake action complemented by the snow made by machines. Which means you can hop on that...

SIX-PERSON CHAIRLIFT... beginning on Jan. 10 (it's the only one in Southern California), and you can schuss into the week while enjoying all that this storm is delivering. Kevin Somes, vice president of the resort, expects "the best conditions of the season" after it reopens on Wednesday, so best line up your buds, and your gear, and prepare to make for Running Springs while the gettin' is good (or, er, while the snow is fluffy and ski-tastic). It's the 80th season for the destination, and if you haven't had a chance yet to leave a few tracks along the mountain, don't flake out now: It's look pretty suh-weet at Snow Valley as we schuss into the second third of the first month.

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