Snowshoe, by Moonlight, at Mammoth Mountain

Winter returned to the Eastern Sierra as March began, setting up the perfect opportunity for some post-sundown exploring.

Mammoth Mountain

THE WORM MOON? It's what we're going to soon enjoy, when March's full moon hangs high in the sky, or rather near the horizon. Good thing that there are many ways to bask in a moonbeam or two, from an after-dinner stroll around the neighborhood to a cosmic visit to a nearby planetarium. But finding a spread of glittery snow, which offers an enchanted "grounddrop" (which is like a backdrop, but on the ground) to the moon, is what many winter aficionados prefer to do, if they can. And a notable amount snow just covered the ground at Mammoth Mountain, as March 2020 began, which means plenty of moon-snow mavens will call upon the high-elevation area to soak up both the chilly landscape and lunar beauty. And if you like some adventure with your moon-snow combo? There's a...

FULL MOON SNOWSHOE TOUR... happening in the area on Saturday night, March 7. "Experience a Winter Wonderland Lit by Moonlight" is the enchanting promise, and participants will be able to do just that over the 90-minute saunter-by-snowshoe. Those 90 minutes begin at 7 p.m., at the Tamarack Cross-Country Ski Center, and the $65 price includes your equipment. As for warming up at the end of the trek, which will take in some of the tree-beautiful, peak-perfect Tamarack surroundings? You're invited to return to the lodge for "hot drinks and dessert." Spring, of course, is on the horizon, and soon the Full Moon Snowshoe Tours will wrap for another season.

SNOWSHOE SPOTS? They're limited, snow-obsessed lunar lovers, so make your reservation faster than it takes moonlight to reach Mammoth. How to do that? Ring 800.MAMMOTH to begin.

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