So Mammoth Mountain Just Got Snow (Well, a Little Bit)

A "dusting" added frosting to the famous peaks just days before October's arrival.

Peter Morning/Mammoth Mountain

What to Know

  • A "dusting" of snow fell on some Eastern Sierra peaks overnight on Sept. 28, 2021
  • Opening day at the ski resort is Nov. 13, 2021
  • The mountainous area has seen big snowstorms in late September in years gone by

MAKING POWDER PREDICTIONS? Plenty of winter lovers try to do just that, when winter is on the frosty horizon and mountain condos are in the process of being booked. Deciding if the upcoming season is going to be a good one, in terms of cold inches, is a bit of a parlor game in the fall, but one that prompts many skiers to ponder what might be ahead. One hope-filled sign, the sort of thing that can get the winter recreation community talking? When snow arrives just days after summer has ended. And such was the chilly case at Mammoth Mountain, when the pretty peaks of the Eastern Sierra destination received a "dusting" of snow less than a week after fall's official start.

Peter Morning/Mammoth Mountain

THE FANCIFUL FROSTING... occurred on the night of Sept. 28, 2021, and while it won't beat some of the past dumps that Mammoth has seen near the end of the ninth month, it will stir up a sense of anticipation. And that anticipation will only grow, because opening day is coming on Nov. 13. Looking to save during the upcoming season? There's a Lift+ Lodging Package, and deals on both single lift tickets and those that are good over a number of dates. For more on what's ahead as the season revs up, and what you can expect from the Winter Kickoff Party, schuss by this site faster than a falling flake touches the ground.

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