Solvang's Danish Days to Dance Again in September

The late-summer celebration will again dance through the streets of the charming Danish village with music, costuming, and, yes, pastries in tow.

Danish Days

What to Know

  • Sept. 17 and 18, 2021
  • Visitors are invited to "live like Vikings" during the weekend events
  • Both parades, and other events, are free to attend; some happenings, like tours, are ticketed

"A TOTAL DANISH IMMERSION EXPERIENCE": The Golden State absolutely flowers with fanciful and quaint villages, those pretty places that look as if they were created for the front of the brochure or a postcard. But they're real, with actual residents, and histories that offer tales of how hearty members of a community weathered the decades and came to create a place that both locals and visitors love. Solvang is one of those special spots, and has been for well over a century. Founded by a group of Danish-Americans in 1911, the Santa Barbara County town has become a noted nexus of windmills, colorful clogs, and spirited celebrations, the sorts of parties that pay tribute to long-standing, well-loved traditions. Those celebrations, specifically the weekend-long Danish Days, came to a halt during the pandemic, but in-person gatherings will soon resume. Specifically?

SEPT. 17 AND 18, 2021, when Danish Days returns to the streets, beer gardens, museums, and parks of the charming burg. As with bygone bashes, two free-to-see parades will roll through the picturesque heart of the town, while other happenings, like food tours, history-themed happenings at the Elverhøj Museum of History & Art, and a Viking encampment will add further character to the weekend. And, of course, the vittles will have a starring role, including the oh-so-obsessed-over æbleskiver, the jammy, ball-shaped pastry that you often eat by threes (or sixes, or, yes, even nines). The Æbleskiver Breakfast is one of the centerpieces of the weekend, and a "Dane for a Day" VIP ticket bundle will help you gain entry to the sweet-tooth'd feasting.

MORE WILL BE REVEALED... about the schedule, what visitors can look forward to, tickets, and tasty treats in the weeks ahead. But if you've been missing this Solvang must-do, miss it no longer: It dances back over the final weekend of summer 2021.

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