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Stargazing Tours to Shimmer Again in North Lake Tahoe

Look up: Tahoe Star Tours will be back over the summer of 2021 for outdoor fun and an enchanting emphasis on "astrobiology."

Tahoe Star Tours

What to Know

  • Tahoe Star Tours
  • June 17 through Sept. 4, Thursday and Sunday evenings
  • $45 adults, $55 for the binocular tour, $25 for kids ages 12 and under

TAHOE TWINKLE: Like many outdoor pastimes, the enjoyment of the night sky, as in the deep gazing into space, the admiring of stars, and mooning over the moon, grew as people kept close to home during the pandemic. The lovely lure of stepping outside your door, with a telescope, a book of constellations, or a heaping amount of curiosity, appealed to families and solo stargazers alike, and amateur astronomy flourished. Helping that flourishing continue as the prime stargazing months of summertime draw nearer? Tahoe Star Tours, which will be back to lead visitors to North Lake Tahoe on a host of cosmic adventures over the summer of 2021.

ASTROBIOLOGY... will be the theme of the after-sundown events, which will consider "is there other life out there in the cosmos?" Tony Berendsen, a poet and amateur astronomer, speaks to the intriguing topic. "We don’t know the answer to that question yet, but scientists and engineers are finding new ways to search for possible life within the Solar System and beyond. During the 2021 Cosmoarium season our guests will learn about these new efforts, and get a telescopic peek at candidate stars with exoplanets." The Cosmoarium at North Star is the excellent, vast-of-sky setting for the stargazing ("the site features wide, unobstructed horizons for viewing," says the outfit).

CELESTRON TELESCOPES... will help people connect with the cosmos, and a science talk will help illuminate what participants are seeing. There's also a fresh dimension in 2021, with the addition of Celestron binoculars, which can be enjoyed for an additional fee. For all of the dates, details, and must-knows that are currently swirling, like so much star dust, around the return of the popular Tahoe Star Tours, make like a meteorite and zoom in the direction of the tour site now.

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