Stroll a Peach Farm as It Bursts with Blooms

Harmon Guest House in Healdsburg is giving its guests a chance to stroll among the flowering trees of Dry Creek Peach, and to enjoy peachy tastes, too.

Dry Creek Peach

TIME? It waits for no one, or so the old chestnut accurately tells us. But we'd like to add a bit more to that particular thought, and it goes something like this: Time also waits on no one who wants to see a fruit tree in full and glorious flower. For such a moment is brief, a flittering wisp that's here today and gone in a few weeks, and if a petal-loving person waits too long, they'll find the petals the seek dotting the orchard ground. But there are ways to connect with this pink-perfect sight, an experience that can put a fluttery breeze in your very soul, or a least a sprightly spring in your step. One route to enjoying the flowering fruit trees of the coming season? Book a stay at...

HARMON GUEST HOUSE... in Healdsburg. For the modern-rustic, "environmentally chic retreat" located in the wine hamlet's downtown area has partnered with peach of a place for a one-of-a-kind experience. That destination? It's Dry Creek Peach, a center of stone fruit goodness that's just a stone's throw from Harmon Guest House. Well, okay, it's rather farther than that, but if you book your stay at the Healdsburg getaway between the final day of February and March 15, 2020, you'll be able to also reserve your Dry Creek Peach Excursion. The cost is $200, in addition to your accommodations, and that is for 2 to 4 guests.

PEACH BELLINIS... are in your future if you book this appetizing adventure, as well as "a jar of flavorful peach jam to take home as a memento." Gayle and Brian Sullivan, the fruit-smart honchos at this tree-filled nexus of peach goodness, will lead a tour of the property, which, yes, will include flowering trees to ohh and ahh over. It's a sight that's described as a "photographer's dream," so be sure to arrive with something that can snap pictures, as well as your penchant for all things peach.

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