Yosemite National Park

Submit Your Yosemite Snap for a Wilderness Exhibition

Have a fantastic photo taken around the park? It could be included in a display devoted to the region's gorgeous character.

Mihai P

A SPECTACULAR SNAPSHOT? Call it the ultimate snap-backer. And by "snap-backer" we simply mean this: A picture can instantly pull us back to the time we took it, serving as a small and potent time portal to a happy day from our past. We immediately recall the crisp feel of the air, the gurgle of a distant river, the adventuresome companion at our side. But, of course, there are some sublime snaps that stand fully on their own, and new admirers don't need to share the specific sensory memories of the photographer. You probably have one or two or a hundred such pictures in your personal scroll, and the desire to gift a new admirer with their beauty is a constant tug. How, though, to go beyond your circle and find others who'd love what you saw through your lens?

IF YOU HAVE A YOSEMITE PHOTO, and you're keen for it to be included in a display at the Yosemite Wilderness Center, submit it for consideration by Nov. 18 (the "(i)nitial deadline"). The Yosemite Conservancy sent out the call, with a few specifics about what sort of snapshots are being sought: "We're specifically requesting photos of landscape, plants and wildlife with minimal or no people. Images need to be relatively large and high resolution." That seems like a fairly simple and straightforward ask, given that "(f)ederally designated wilderness makes up 95% of Yosemite National Park, so there is no shortage of locations and experiences to choose from."

MISSING EL CAP, HALF DOME, and all that granite-y, bear-tastic, leaf-lovely goodness? Time to peruse your pics for the perfect submission, and then submit it. How downright cool for a Yosemite mavens to win this particular, and particularly cool, accolade: To say they had a piece in a show located within Yosemite Valley. The bragging rights will be good for years, for sure.

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