Summer Chill Fun Makes a Splash at La Quinta

Cool down at the Coolhaus cart at the swanky desert resort.

HOW LONG MIGHT IT TAKE... to dip a toe into 41 swimming pools? If all of the pools dotted an expansive and attractive desert resort? That's a bit of a tough question, because it would depend upon a few things. Would you decide to spend more time in each pool, like, 20 minutes, at least? Would you want to repeat a few pools before completing all 41? And what if you found your favorite cool blue rectangle, and didn't want to budge from it, especially after procuring a chair under an umbrella? These are the ideas you may have to ponder when calling upon...

LA QUINTA RESORT & CLUB, the historic and pool-plentiful destination found in, you guessed it, the city of La Quinta. It really is an actual place with 41 pools, and when summer arrives, and those notably toasty desert afternoons, you'll want nothing more than a place to drift with a pool noodle and a few other icy-awesome, lower-your-own-temp treats. With that in mind, La Quinta just launched its new...

SUMMER CHILL HAPPENINGS, which include a host of goodies that stand tall to those especially sun-intense days. Just Chill, a delicious, keep-it-calm sip, is now being served at Spa La Quinta, so look for drinks like the citrus, ginger, and mint. Oh yes, there's a Just Chill facial, too, a "50-minute treatment that refreshes and relaxes the skin." If you're more of an ice cream aficionado, seek out the Coolhaus cart, or one of the three spots around the resort serving Coolhous sammies (yep, stylish scoops squished between cookies).

HELLO, IN-ROOM ICE CREAM: And if you really like Coolhaus bunches, note the Sweets & Suites special, which will net you two pints of Coolhaus ice cream, and some other fun stuff, when you book a suite in July. Other chilly cuisine, like the heirloom watermelon salad at Twenty6, can be savored as the sun reigns outside. And there's a fresh Chill Lounge, where guests can go meditate via the Headspace app ("iPads pre-loaded with the Headspace app" will be available at the lounge).

FOR ALL OF THE "CHILL" SPECIALS, give La Quinta Resort & Club a ring. How long does it take to dip a toe into 41 different pools, pools all located on the grounds of the same swanky-but-relaxed resort? No need to find out: Just find the perfect pool for you and chill.

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