Summer Harvest Days Are Abloom at Apple Hill

The Placerville destination is famous for its fall flavors, but the warmer days are full of flowery and fun pleasures, too.

Atit Phetmuangtong/EyeEm

What to Know

  • Apple Hill Growers Association near Placerville
  • Several open-to-the-public farms and wineries are part of the association
  • Special events, like Summer Harvest Days on July 30 and 31, are offered by a number of regional businesses; there are several events on the August 2022 calendar

APPLE HILL? It has just the sort of evocative name that prompts us to daydream about autumnal outings, and changing leaves, and foliage-fun adventures, and cider in every form, from doughnuts to pies to the classic warm beverage. But the colorful collection of wineries, farms, and businesses that make up the Apple Hill Growers Association, near Placerville, stay busy before and beyond the fall months, with flowery events catching visitors' eyes, and flower-loving fancies, in the heart of summer. The final days of July 2022 will fulfill our flower-obsessed longings, and a number of places will offer special summery happenings, with merch-merry marketplaces, u-pick lavender, turnovers bursting with seasonal berries, and fruit-luscious sangrias adding a warm vibe. You can find the full roster of effervescent events here.


LOOKING AHEAD: Things will stay quite busy in August around Apple Hill, before the bustling days of autumn begin to add a cidery sheen to the area. A chance to make blackberry jam at Harris Family Farm is a tangy August treat, as is a Sangria Weekend at Fenton Herriott Vineyards. Other to-dos, some centered around evening visits, are festooning the eighth month, as is a Flower Trail blooming at Apple Ridge Farms. Just before sure to check dates and the details before you go. And gazing even further ahead? September is already brimming with a bounty of splendid doings, with the debut of the Hard Cider Trail and Johnny Appleseed Days upping the autumn-centered spirit of the month. For the upcoming schedules, as well as a map of the area, toodle by the Apple Hill site now.

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