Sunnylands to Shine Again in the Fall

The Rancho Mirage cultural destination is temporarily shuttered, but hopes to say hello again in September.


PLACES OF PEACE AND CONTEMPLATION? You've likely been seeking out those spots in recent weeks. That might mean the bean bag in the corner of your den, a shady spot on your patio, or a clutch of old oaks on your neighborhood walk. However you're connecting with a bit of quiet, and interior roaming, you're probably doing it fairly frequently during our stay-at-home period. But you're also likely daydreaming about the California locations that say "peace" to you, the spots that encourage you to sit, read, bask in a sunbeam, see art, hear a lecture, or simply chill with a friend. For many desert lovers, Sunnylands springs first to mind in this realm. It's the free-to-see estate...

IN RANCHO MIRAGE, a place known for its extensive cactus-dotted gardens, its elegant water features, its wide mountain vistas, and all of those beautiful artworks, both indoors and out. It's been temporarily closed for a number of weeks, in response to COVID-19, and it will remain closed into mid-June 2020. That means that it will soon be the moment when Sunnylands traditionally shutters for the warmest summer months, so a decision has been made to look to autumn. "If all goes well, we will welcome visitors back to the Center & Gardens in September," shared Janice Lyle, Ph.D., Director, Sunnylands Center & Gardens. Still, look for programming online to grow, as well as new measures that will help visitors have a safe Sunnylands experience.

FOR MORE ON WHAT'S AHEAD... for the beautiful property, a true heart of the California cultural scene, keep an eye on the Sunnylands site.

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