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Sweet: Santa Barbara Zoo Welcomes an African Lion Cub

Felicia and Ralph, the adorable bambino's parents, arrived at the animal park earlier in 2020.

Santa Barbara Zoo

WELCOME, SWEET ONE: Celebrating an auspicious and adorable arrival feels so festive and soul-gladdening at any point of the year. But as the nights arrive earlier, and the days grow more chill, the news takes on more tenderness, cheer, and joy. That's what many lion lovers, animal aficionados, and everyone who is seeking good news will likely feel at the good word emerging from Santa Barbara Zoo. There's a new cute critter at the animal park, and it is a sweet and snuggly lion cub. Born to African lions Felicia and Ralph, the cub arrived on Nov. 5 and weighed 3.9 pounds on Nov. 11, the date of the little lion's first medical examination. It is not yet known if the baby is a female or male, but staffers will make that determination at its next examination.

MOM AND BABY... are now spending time together "behind the scenes," with the expectation that the little one will make its public debut some time just after the start of the new year. This is Felicia's first baby, and Ralph's, too, making the birth especially felicitous (both animals, which were placed at the zoo on the recommendation of The Association of Zoos and Aquariums, are part of the zoo's Species Survival Plan, which seeks "... to maintain a sustainable population of lions in North America"). Want to know what this little one is up to over the next few weeks? Keeping an eye on the zoo's social media channels for more precious photos.

EAGER TO LEND A PAW? You can become a Foster Feeder sponsor of the Santa Barbara Zoo's African lions.

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