Swim by This Playful New Platypus Cam

The just-unveiled San Diego Zoo Safari Park cam is giving lovers of the duck-billed, egg-laying mammals an insider's look at their lives.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

PICKING "PLATYPUS"... out of the hat during Charades or a guess-the-word game? Oh goodness, you're really going to need to pause and think that one through for a minute. Because there's no other animal like it, and we're not even sure there's another critter in its general neighborhood. Because it has that amazing bill, and it lays eggs, and it rocks little web feet made for pushing through water, and yet? It's a mammal. So attempting to share all of these facts, during Charades or another game, may lead your partner to scratch his head and wonder if you've made up the animal you're describing. But hurray and hurrah, platypuses are quite real, and we can now check in, live, with the platypuses that call the...

SAN DIEGO ZOO SAFARI PARK HOME: For the brand-new Platypus Cam presented by Animal Crossing: New Horizons game just flickered on at the start of May 2020, giving platypeople something amazing to see on their screens. A good tip to keep in mind? This bill-beautiful beasties get a little more fired up by night, so you may want to check in after the sun goes down. Something else rather nifty? "These special animals serve as ambassadors for the species outside of their native Australia and communicate the importance of fresh water for both humans and wildlife, and we’re honored to be entrusted with their care."

SAFARI PARK... says that these cuties are "the only ones in the US," so make time to check out their brand-new cam.

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