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Swim Over to Monterey Bay Aquarium for Free Online Courses

Have a student at home who is enthusiastic as an otter when it comes to ocean topics? Find out more about the MBA's courses and offerings.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

EAGER AS A BEAVER? That's a saying we all know, but "enthusiastic as an otter" should also be a popular conversational chestnut. Watch any otter for a few minutes and you'll see them enthusiastically enjoying a meal of crab or enthusiastically twirling and tumbling in the shallow waves or enthusiastically caring for their young pups. And if your own young pups are positively otter-eager about ocean learning, there's a place where you can find several excellent resources, the kind of activities, crafts, and courses that enhance at-home learning. It's...

MONTEREY BAY AQUARIUM... we're talking about, one of the otteriest spots on the planet. The family favorite has developed several educational tools, and you can peruse them, for free, to see if they'll be right for your child. "Already, more than 26,000 students across from all 50 states and the District of Columbia have enrolled in the free online classes that were developed by the Aquarium’s education team to meet age-appropriate science standards for grades preK-12," shared the aquarium team. "Otter Spotters," for younger students, gives kids the chance to create otter puppets, while "Explore like a scientist" encourages students in grades 3-6 the opportunity to " ...practice observing and thinking like a scientist."

THERE'S PLENTY TO PERUSE... here, with more to come, too. The aquarium is looking into ways to help kids enjoy activities offline, so do check back to see what's new in the way of ocean-awesome, mind-broadening pursuits. And does your child only have access to a mobile device? Staffers will soon have cool to-dos, too, created solely for mobile.

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