Take a Deep Dive Into Monterey's Webcams

Thinking of future fun at the aquarium, lunch along Cannery Row, and time at the water's edge? Peek in on live pictures from the region you love.

Mathew Spolin

OUR TYPICAL GETAWAY ITINERARY? We're on a schedule, even if we'd rather not be. We've got to be on the history tour by 10 a.m. and at the art show at noon and trying out a local beverage, led by a tasting guide, at 3 o'clock. There's a bit of go-go to the getaway, in short, and that's good, because we want make sure we've truly communed with the place we're visiting, in all of the ways that interest us (and, indeed, most authentically represent the city). But what if you could dip into some of the best aspects of a beautiful burg at your leisure? And without putting on your walking shoes, or finding a guidebook, or confirming with the tour guide about where you'll meet? There's something pleasurable (and economical) in the idea, but it isn't too unreal. You can...

ROAM MONTEREY, thanks to a line-up of webcams that feature several fabulous and quintessential aspects of the ocean-snug, well-wharf'd, aquarium-awesome hamlet. Speaking of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, there are several webcams to view, if you swoon over sardines and otters, but there are other cameras to explore. The Tickle Pink Inn in Carmel-by-the-Sea? It's one of the gems of the area, and, indeed, it has its own wonderful webcam. The treasures of Big Sur, like its condors? For sure, you can flap by the nests where the big birds congregate via the Monterey Webcams page. For the whole getaway-inspiring grouping, stroll in this direction now. And, nope: You don't even need your walking shoes or map to immediately bask in some of the sublimest spots of the peninsula.

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