Mono County

Take a #MonoPause, Eastern Sierra Lovers

Mono County is currently not "encouraging or promoting tourism" in the face of COVID-19, but fans at home can enjoy some stunning snapshots.

Mono County

SPYING THE COLOSSAL CRAGS... and peaks and piney pockets that are synonymous with the Sierra Nevada, as seen from Highway 395? It can thrill any weary road-tripper's soul, ease their citified mind, and create a longing to bond with the wilder world. True, the landscape is spectacular around Mono County, from the sky-touching mountaintops to the unearthly tufa found in Mono Lake to the glittering lakes and streams found throughout the region.

BUT... there's something even beyond what can be seen around the spacious area, an uplifting component that draws skiers to Mammoth Mountain, history lovers to Bodie, and hikers to every trail and path. Do we need our daily dose of Mono magic? We most certainly do, and in this time of #StayatHome, as a response to COVID-19, we are finding it only. For a...

#MONOPAUSE... is now in effect around the county. "We are not encouraging or promoting travel to Mono County at this time," is the word from Mono County Tourism. Good advice, as we shelter at home. But while we stay close to our digs, we can enjoy the daily photos and videos that the tourism group is sharing on its social media pages, snapshots that involves some of the most splendid places in the area. Various looks at places like Convict Lake, the big trees, and vast canyons have already been shared, with more to come. Maybe, while we #Monopause, we can begin to dream of summer, fall, and winter days and nights around one of the Golden State's most glorious stretches of natural beauty.

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