Central coast

Take a Sunset Beach Walk, From Home, in San Simeon

Spend a virtual sunset at William R. Hearst Memorial Beach.

Alexandra Krull/Eye Em

A SWEET SUNDAY SUNSET? It can be a peaceful and look-within moment for a lot of people, a way to tie the weekend, in a wonderfully still way, to the coming week. And it matters not where the sunset is enjoyed. You can see it from the top of your building, over a fence, down a road, through a grove of distant trees. But basking in the final beams of the weekend on a beach? That feels like the most memory-making way to bid the weekend farewell. Now that we're observing #StayatHome, we're looking at sunsets in our photo albums and beaches on our phones and thinking back to the most special Sundays of our lives. You can, though, journey to one of our state's most splendid sandy stretches on...

SUNDAY, MARCH 29: For there's a virtual sunset walk at William R. Hearst Memorial Beach at 7 p.m. on the final Sunday of March 2020, giving stay-at-homers a taste of some salt air and pretty sky. Hearst San Simeon State Park, Morro Bay State Parks, and the Central Coast State Parks Association are the hosts of the free-to-see virtual event, which will pop up on Facebook just as the sun begins to go down. Take this chance to "explore the pier and the sandy shores" in a place that will be free of people, due to the closure of the state parks, but not free of beauty we can enjoy from afar.

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