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Take the Skunk Train and Savor ‘Music in the Redwoods'

The sweet summer-ender of a series is filled with good vibes, tall trees, and a ride on the historic rails outside Fort Bragg.

Wut'hi Kir Cha Rum Ramy/EyeEm

What to Know

  • Aug. 6 through Sept. 17, 2021 (select dates)
  • $75 (train ride included)
  • You'll take the Skunk Train to The Glen for live tunes, for-purchase sips, and an evening among the tall trees

TAKING IN THE TUNES... while calling upon the tall trees? You've probably done so, if you're a regular visitor to the redwoods. You might have heard an old-school balladeer croon vintage ditties while riding the famous Skunk Train, or worn your favorite headphones at a campground, or hummed a happy melody while hiking along leafy trails. As for the timeless music made by plants and animals of the woods? The rustling of the branches and the chirps of the birds can be hard to top for sheer aural awesomeness. Sometimes, though, we come across a real place with real live music set in the real redwoods, and if it all weaves together as the summer season winds down, it can feel rather poignant, perfect, and unmissable.

MUSIC IN THE REDWOODS... will start its multi-date engagement in a glorious neck of the literal woods on Friday, Aug. 6. And by "glorious neck of the literal woods" we mean The Glen, a spot that is easily reachable when the storied Skunk Train takes you there. Ah yes: These under-the-sky live shows are part of the Skunk Train's cool calendar, giving those people who love both trains and tunes something sweet to anticipate in August and September. Foxglove opens the series on the first Friday in August, but there's more jam-worthy joy to come, all the way to mid-September. They're eveningtime events, and there'll be a full bar once you reach The Glen, should you want a libation while you watch the performers, listen to the tree branches rustle, and enjoy the stars as they twinkle above.

THE DETAILS, from face coverings, ticket details, and what you need to know before arriving in Fort Bragg? You can find them on the Skunk Train site now.

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