Talk Like a Pirate Day Has Arrr-ived

Ye olden tymes slang is the thing when the nineteenth day of the month of September dawns.


THE SYMBOLS OF SEPTEMBER? You might think of golden leaves (though those tend to arrive later in the year around much of California) and shiny apples (there are beloved orchards to visit, for sure, in Gold Country, Oak Glen, and beyond), and the swing of school. But when Sept. 19 washes ashore, it is time to buckle your swash, invite your favorite parrot to perch upon your shoulder, and set sail for new lands. It's Talk Like a Pirate Day, of course, and if you haven't matey'd your best mate yet, you can do so at any point in the day. Saying "ahoy" out of the blue is also okay, as is "arrr"-ing objects and ideas that could benefit by an "arrr" or two.

CHANNEL ISLANDS NATIONAL PARK... is paying homage to the quirky occasion on its social media pages on Sept. 19, 2020 by looking back at an early pirate film that used stunning Santa Cruz Island as a backdrop (specifically, Pelican Bay Camp). A silent "Peter Pan" was also made at the destination, giving the island further cinematic pirate cred. On the Disney Parks Blogs? Pirates of the Caribbean is in the swashbuckling spotlight. Take a look at fantastical photos from Pirates attractions at various parks, and discover how the classic ride stays the same, or doesn't, depending upon its location.

IF THE PIRATES AT DISNEYLAND... is your #1, all-time, no-contest favorite, the Disney Parks Blog has a page devoted to the iconic water ride found at the Anaheim theme park. But will that pooch ever give up the key he holds tightly in his mouth? After a half century of holding tight, probably not, is our best guess. If all of this pirate-talking has made you peckish, Ike's Love & Sandwiches has a deal for Sept. 19: Say "Ahoy Matey" when you're at the register and score a complimentary bag of chips.

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