Tanaka Farms + Hello Kitty: Irvine Sweet

The historic agricultural destination is pairing up with some Sanrio superstars for a year of sheer cuteness.

BEING OUT ON A FARM... can deliver some pretty adorable moments, from tots posing next to autumn pumpkins to families clowning for pictures to the tiniest little strawberries making their first springtime showing. But a famous agricultural spread in Irvine is about to deliver more adorableness than even the cutest farm can deliver, thanks to a partnership with Sanrio. Indeed, that's the Japanese company behind Hello Kitty and all of her smile-making friends, and the spread is Tanaka Farms, of Irvine, the started-in-1940 go-to for berries, pumpkins, and other produce staples of the table.

HELLO KITTY, and some of her very best pals, will serve as ambassadors for Tanaka Farms for a full year, an announcement on Sept. 20 revealed. But this new role isn't solely about the ultimate awww-a-tude the Sanrio favorites so easily deliver to fans. They'll also stand for a message of healthy eating, and quality educational activities, throughout their shared ambassadorship. So beside the iconic Hello Kitty, what other coo-worthy characters might you spy on the Tanaka Farms social media pages and possibly, at times, around the destination itself?

KEROPPI, CHOCOCAT, MY MELODY, AND POCHACCO... will all be along for the charming tractor ride. And the official start date for this message-sweet, all-important shared ambassador role begins soon, when the Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch debuts on Friday, Sept. 29, 2017. If you've followed the numerous Sanrio sightings around Southern California in recent years, from the dessert-laden food truck to the sizable exhibition at the Japanese-American National Museum, you'll want to tap into all of the delights and healthy lessons this cute cadre of Sanrio ambassadors will soon impart.

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