Temecula Will Be Home to a New Carnival-Themed Haunt

A wicked presence will visit wine country this fall, complete with mazes, a pumpkin patch, eats and drinks, and monsters on the move.

Temecula Terror

What to Know

  • Oct. 1-31 (select dates)
  • $20 adult; a gentler Family Fright event, earlier in the evening, will be open to parents and kids ($20 adults, $10 children)
  • DJ music, local eats, three mazes, a pair of bars, and a scare zone will be part of the inaugural event

A DELIGHTFUL DAY OUT IN WINE COUNTRY? You might have a sip or two of an ethereal rosé, or a wedge of cheese so sublime that you vow to only include that cheese in all of your fancy cheese plates from now on. You may have time to linger on a sunny bench, browse a gourmet gift shop, or take to the sky in a bright balloon. But shrieking while encountering an otherwordly figure or growling monster? That's isn't a common occurrence when roaming an area known for its picturesque vineyards and sophisticated tasting rooms. But hold onto your cheese wedges and unhand your wine glasses pronto: A spooky new experience will soon debut in Temecula Valley, all to up the eerieness, and chilling charms, of autumn.

TEMECULA TERROR... is the experience's name, and if you were hoping a creaky old carnival set-up would be involved, you'll be mighty stoked to learn your hunch was solid. In addition to the world of the Halloween Haunt Carnival, Temecula Terror will offer brave visitors a trio of mazes, a pair of bars, DJ music, and other knee-quivering niceties, including food trucks featuring local eats and a pumpkin patch, too. Have youngsters who love a good 'ween scene? Look for Family Fright, a two-hour window that arrives earlier in the evening (and won't be nearly as eeky).

THE TEAM AT THE HAUNTED HELM? Twins Jeromy and Zachary Ball. "Without giving too much away, Temecula Terror encourages those who dare to make it past the fanfare of the carnival and circus to discover that the small town hidden behind it, in the middle of wine country, is the real haunted attraction and not necessarily the carnival," shared Jeromy Ball, Bloodshed Brothers. Zachary Ball, twin brother to Jeromy Ball and other half of the Bloodshed Brothers added, "For those really looking to test their bravery, we dare you to step inside the maze we're calling 301 Hyde Street — some of our own team members were spooked just going over the build and storyline." For tickets, times, and more details to be revealed, tune into Temecula Terror now.

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