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The Almond Blossom Cruise Is a Modesto Must

Visit Modesto has a free-to-follow map that spotlights farms, scenic routes, and local businesses.


What to Know

  • The later part of February is a prime time for driving by local orchards
  • Visit Modesto has a free map
  • Eye the blossoms soon, before the 2022 bloom wraps up

A FRUIT TREE, around February, has a knack for stopping any flower fan in their beauty-seeking tracks. After all, a person wants to pause and admire this painting-perfect sight, which includes barky limbs bursting with frilly pink blossoms (and when we say "pink," we mean just about every shade of pink a person can imagine). Where, though, can you go to see a profusion of pink-a-tude, and several trees, or even rows of trees, in full-on February splendor? Venturing to where such specimens are cultivated is one primo idea, a place like Modesto. So many Central Valley farms are at their showy best during the second month, so much so that Visit Modesto created a map for those visitors and locals eager to take an Almond Blossom Cruise.

THE ALMOND BLOSSOM CRUISE... is soon to wrap up, as the window for these wonderful flowerings does come to a too-quick close each year. But if you want to go roaming, and also support a few regional businesses, the free-to-use map on this page is the place to start. The businesses include Fiscalini Cheese Co., Sciabica's California Olive Oil, and Magnolia Southern Kitchen. There are also attractions along the way, such as California Oldest & Largest Walnut Tree. Heading east will take a bit longer, in the two- to three-hour range, while a western ramble is predicted to last about an hour. Eager for a helpful app to boost your outdoor adventuring? You can find information on this page, too.

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