Catalina Island

The Avalon Ball Will Rollick on Catalina Island in 2022

The 2021 affair is postponed, but you can practice your dance moves for next year, all while dreaming of an elegant evening inside the Casino building.

Catalina Island
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What to Know

  • Art Deco Society of Los Angeles
  • May 14, 2022
  • The vintage-flavored ball features swell attire, throwback tunes, and the sublime setting of the world-famous Casino building

TAKING A DIP ON THE DANCE FLOOR? To do so, your partner has to gently lean you backwards, all while cradling your back, as the music reaches a dramatic crescendo. Taking a dip in the ocean? You'll want to have your bathing trunks handy, and possibly some goggles or a snorkel, all so you can truly savor your sea-salty adventure. Sometimes, though, you can enjoy both sorts of dips, on the very same getaway, within hours of each other, if you've planned your day and night well. And for plenty of revelers on Catalina Island, the sort of swells who are there to attend a splashy dance at the splashy Casino building, visiting the surf before cha-cha-ing across the ballroom floor "dips" into their nicest daydreams. If you've been dreaming of the...

AVALON BALL, the annual, dressy-dressy, Casino-cool gathering, you'll need to look ahead a bit further to find those fancies fulfilled. For the 2021 event, originally slated to take place in the spring, has been postponed to 2022. "As we deliberated nearly a year ago, as to whether or not to hold the Avalon Ball 2020, we certainly never expected that we would have to make the same decision for 2021," reads a message on the ball's main page. "After careful consideration and consultation with those we work with on Catalina Island, we have come to the conclusion that it isn't feasible to hold a dance in May of this year."

IF YOU HAVE A TICKET? The next steps are listed here, whether you intend to hold onto it for the 2022 Avalon Ball or seek a refund. And if you do hope to take that delicious dip in 2022, be it on the dance floor or the nearby ocean, here's the date to keep in mind: May 14. It's already on the calendar for next year, so you can start planning your swanky outfit and delicious dance moves. For more on this treasure of a celebration, which takes place in a treasure of a building on a treasure of an island, take a dip into this page now.

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