The Best Season, Cider Doughnut Season, Is Nearly Here

The spicy, sweet, oh-so-noshable goodies are a summer-meets-fall favorite.


What to Know

  • Several apple-famous destinations will be opening in late summer or will begin baking fall treats in August; High Hill Ranch opens on Aug. 13
  • Snow-Line Orchard in Oak Glen is synonymous with the spicy-nice goodies
  • A number of mountain-high bakeries make apple or cider doughnuts, so check with your favorite spots to see if the seasonal sweets are on the menu

DOUGHNUTS AND CIDER? The soft-to-the-tooth treats pair well with the toasty beverage, a drink that traditionally features notes of cinnamon and other autumn-ready spices. Whether you dunk a chunk of your doughnut in your hot cider is up to you, of course, but fans know that the warm sip has a way of adding a bit of kick to the doughy dessert. But what if that dessert already featured some cider-strong characteristics and a few appetizing apple-sweet overtones, too? Then you'd likely be talking about the celebrated cider doughnut or an apple doughnut, which count among fall's most festive and toothsome temptations. Finding these sweets, which are often offered seasonally, isn't too hard if you know where to look for the growers. And those growers? Around the Golden State, orchard-close bakeshops can be found in spots like Apple Hill, near Placerville, and Oak Glen, and Julian, too. For sure, apple pie and apple tarts are also happening, happily, but if you want cider doughnuts?

HIGH HILL RANCH, which opens on Aug. 13, 2022, is famous for its apple doughnuts, and apple fritters, too, if you're a fritter fan (think of those warm and soft pockets that give a classic fritter its beautiful bumpy appearance). Rainbow Orchard, which is also near Placerville, bakes hot apple cider doughnuts, as well as specialty items like a Fairytale Cinderella Pumpkin Pie, beginning in October. And at Snow-Line Orchard in Oak Glen? The destination's mini cider donuts are rightly famous, and have been for many years. Checking with orchard-close businesses prior to road-tripping, to see if you're within the cider doughnut or apple doughnut window, is always advised. Soon, sips of a pumpkin-esque nature will be capturing our fall-loving fancies, and various maple-merry desserts, too. But the apple doughnut, and its kicky cousin the cider doughnut, have our autumn-obsessed attention, especially those goodies that are baked in and around orchard-laden locations.

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