The Christmas Tree Burn, a Julefest Tradition, Returns

The Solvang event, "one of the largest fire safety demonstrations along the California Central Coast," will take place in early January 2022.

Solvang Christmas Tree Burn

What to Know

  • Friday, Jan. 7, 2022 from 5 to 7 p.m. in Solvang (head for the "empty fields at Old Mission Santa Ines")
  • Solvang residents may drop off their Christmas trees through 4 p.m. on Jan. 7
  • The happening, the traditional conclusion of Julefest, also serves as a fire safety demonstration

A SOLVANG CHRISTMAS: The destination's seasonal decorations, pastries, yuletide-themed events, and candlelit tours truly do feel celebratory, singular, and highly Solvangian. The Santa Barbara County town, after all, hews closely to its Danish roots, and several of the sights seen during Julefest, from the gnome-cute Nisse Adventure to the Elverhoj Makers Market, draw directly from the hamlet's storied heritage. There's another Solvang custom that is famously associated with the holidays, but this dramatic to-do arrives at the end of the festivities, about a week or so into the new year. It's the...

31ST SOLVANG CHRISTMAS TREE BURN, an event that's "... considered to be one of the largest fire safety demonstrations along the California Central Coast." The trees of Solvang residents, either picked up at the city's curbs or dropped off by 4 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 7, will be included in the burn, which will be overseen by the City of Solvang and the Santa Barbara County Fire Department. The eveningtime gathering includes tunes and refreshments for sale, the all-important fire demo portion, and a retirement of American Flags (Boy Scout Troops 007 and 41 will helm the ceremony). The "grand finale of igniting the gathered trees" closes the event.

THIS IS THE RETURN... of the Solvang Christmas Tree Burn, which didn't take place in January 2021, due to the pandemic. For more information on Julefest, this event, and what to expect if you attend, visit the official page for the Solvang holiday tradition.

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