The Easter Bunny Is a Hare Early at Irvine Park Railroad

The happy holiday hare'll be at the family attraction beginning on March 10, 2018.

A HARE EARLY: Are rabbits usually on time? One need only look to one of the best-known bunnies ever, the White Rabbit of "Alice in Wonderland," to further shore up the solid relationship between rabbits and the tick-tocking clock. True, "I'm late," which is probably the White Rabbit's famous line, indicates that he isn't the most punctual fellow, but he does carry a timepiece, an image that further cements, in our minds, the idea that rabbits are mindful of the hour. If this is true, and we believe it must be, consider that the Easter Bunny will call upon Irvine Park Railroad a full three weeks, and a day, ahead of Easter. Sure, he could hippity-hoppity into the family-cute attraction near the end of March — Easter is on Sunday, April 1 in 2018 — but he keeps an eye on the passing of the minutes while understanding that people may want to see him well before the holiday arrives. The holiday, after all, can bring a bit of hectic preparation, so being able to visit with the long-ear'd superstar well ahead of the occasion's arrival is a bonus.

SATURDAY, MARCH 10... is the day when Easter Extravaganza opens at the Orange-based attraction, and the bunnyriffic doings'll continue right through to Saturday, March 31, the day before Easter. A chance to Meet the Easter Bunny is going to be high on many visitors' must-dos, so keep in mind that it is $12 (entrance to Irvine Park Railroad is free). There's a chance to hunt for Easter eggs, too, and other activities, like the Egg Basket Toss, Cookie Decorating, and more. To see the prices for all of the to-dos, to check weekend and weekday hours, and to get your furry fill of the essential Easter Bunny info, hippity-hoppity to the train-cute destination's web site now. 

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