The Flower Fields Brim With Blossom-Adjacent Events

The color-popping attraction at Carlsbad Ranch is weeks away from peak, but it will open for the season on March 1.

The Flower Fields

YOU CAN TALK TO FLOWERS, and plenty of gardeners do, but you really can't make demands. You can politely request that the petal-rocking specimens start to grow, or grow faster, or grow bigger, but flowers? They have a rather predictable if wonderful way of keeping to their own schedule. Which is all to say this: There is a schedule at the famous Flower Fields in Carlsbad Ranch and... there really isn't. The schedule part of that somewhat contradictory statement? The iconic attraction, which is known for sporting thousands of Giant Tecolote ranunculus blooms each spring, blooms that boast the most astounding colors, opens Sunday, March 1. And there's already a closing date on the 2020 calendar: It's Mother's Day, which is Sunday, May 10. There's your firm, set-in-soil schedule, but here's the truth: The flowers will open at their own pace.

SO PEAK COULD ARRIVE... in early April, or around Easter, or even as May draws near. There are already some flowers popping, but finding that massive spread of sensational color will happen weeks from now. Still, The Flower Fields offer several gleeful goings-on beyond strolling the rows of ranunculus, from Flower Flow Yoga to live music to painting opportunities (nope, you won't paint the flowers themselves, but will put a brush to canvas). And, oh yes: You'll have chances to chow down in the fields, too, and you can bet the attraction's dining events have proven popular in the last few years. For the...

FULL CALENDAR... of flower-adjacent fun times, visit this page. For peak reports, best keep watch on the attraction's social pages. Just want to visit any ol' time? You can, from March 1 through May 10, 2020, but keep in mind that weekdays will be rather more relaxed than Saturdays and Sundays.

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