The Living Desert: Half-Priced Admission

If you're in Palm Desert ahead of the Fourth of July weekend, stop by, save cash, and say hello to the giraffes.

IF YOU SPEND FOURTH OF JULY in the desert, you can count on a couple of things. Plentiful sunshine, for one, and temperatures that push into the three digits, for sure. The cooling misters will be on at many restaurants that boast patio seating, and up at the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway? Military Days will have opened for the month. The Living Desert, that critter-filled wonderland of desert-divine beasties, is also open for the holiday, though, you should note, it keeps different hours in the summertime, with an earlier start each day and an earlier closing time. But, if you happen to be in the arid-awesome area ahead of the Independence Day Weekend, on June 29 or 30, take glad-hearted note: The Living Desert is offering a half-priced admission deal to every visitor.

THAT'S NOTHING TO SNIFF NOR SNORT AT, unless you're the sort of furry critter that has a snout that sniffs and snorts regularly, then you should absolutely snort away. The reason behind this pre-holiday deal? The animal park wants to reach its milestone attendance goal of 420,000, and it is currently "only 600 guests away!" That's pretty darn close, so if you love The Living Desert, stop by on June 29 or 30, 2017, the half-priced admission days, and help them hit that goal, and save money while you're walking through the entrance, too. Remember, due to all of that toastiness, you're more likely to encounter lively animal moments earlier in the day, when the residents are up and at 'em. Things get a little snoozy as the afternoon wears on (kind of true for humans, too, with that famous post-lunch lull). For all the details, snort/sniff in this direction.

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