The Pacific Surfliner's New Pet-Cool Deal

Have a petite pet, one that weighs up to 20 pounds? Sweet: Your bestie can join you on the rails.


OBVIOUSLY... you're going to tell your best pal about your trip along the ocean's edge the moment you arrive home. For your favorite feline or your tail-wagging buddy? They totally missed you. So pulling your pet onto your lap, and scratching their soft heads, all while you tell them about riding the rails on the Pacific Surfliner, is something you're absolutely going to make time to do. But what if your furry friend could join you on the legendary passenger train, which famously choo-choos close to the Pacific at a number of points along its route? That opportunity is now a reality, for dogs and cats that weigh up to 20 pounds.

THE UPDATED PROGRAM, was announced earlier in May 2022, and there are a number of things to know before you and your pal roll up to your nearest Amtrak station. There are a limited number of pet reservations available on each train, and the fee for your buddy to join? It's $26 (or 800 Amtrak points). Your pet will also need to be in a carrier, and while there are several cars you can ride together in, there are a couple where pets are prohibited, like the Café Car. For all of the information on this program, choo-choo by the Pacific Surfliner site now.

FOUR-LEGGED ADVENTURES: "Nobody likes to be left behind, which is why we are pleased to expand Amtrak's pet program to Pacific Surfliner trains," said Amtrak Vice President of California, Jeanne Cantu. "With pets being an integral part of the family, customers can bring their pets, making traveling with a four-legged friend easy and enjoyable for the entire family." The Pacific Surfliner's route wends along 351 miles of California coast, or near the coast, calling upon a number of cities and counties, including Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and other spots. Time for a trip for you and your little lovebug? Find out more now.

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