The Snow's Pumping at Snow Valley

Find a slice of winter up the mountain at the ski & ride spot, and even ski at night.

WHAT'S YOUR TYPICAL FRIDAY NIGHT PLAN? It could include a movie, or hanging out with some friends, or pizza, or roller skating, or a party, or tucking in early, given the big week you just weathered. But up, up, up, at certain spots in the higher elevations of Southern California, Friday night can be about one thing: The making of copious amounts of snow, all to welcome weekend skiers and board buffs looking for a slice of wintry cool. And more people could be searching out just that over the final weekend of January 2018, thanks to the warm weather wave bringing summery temperatures to the region. If you don't want January to leave without jumping into some real January-y frosty fun, like flake-based fun found on a ski slope, best ride your board in the direction of...

SNOW VALLEY MOUNTAIN RESORT, which made a lot of fresh snow overnight, as in the night heading into Jan. 27, 2018. A few things to note before schussing in the direction of Running Springs? January is Learn to Ski & Snowboard Month at the ski spot, and there's a buy-one-get-one deal afoot on group lesson packages for those students over the age of 13. Also? There is night skiing, and though you won't plug on to midnight, you will put in a few hours after sundown, with everything wrapping around 8 o'clock. There are more cool to-knows, like how bringing a friend to ski might score you an incentive, so check out what's happening up the mountain. And find your January joy, while January is still here, even as 80-degree temperatures settle in the lower elevations for a couple of days. Get those goggles and mittens on, winter lovers, as Snow Valley delivers the chilly January-style pursuits.

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