Rancho Mirage

The Sunnylands Garden Is Reopening

The indoor spaces at the Rancho Mirage cultural attraction will remain closed, but guests can soon stroll the expansive outdoor area.


DISCOVERING A BARREL CACTUS... on a desert ramble? Lucky you. It's such a beautiful, spine-covered superstar, a specimen that often rocks a golden hue and globular, or at least oblong, appearance. Coming across several barrels, all in stunning, well-thought-out rows? You've just gotten a visual gift of the most desert-delightful kind. There's something spectacular about a bunch o' barrels, all together, and while you wouldn't want to get too close, they offer a treat for the eye and mind. Where, though, to find such a stirring sight? The answer, for many desert-obsessed Californians, is...

SUNNYLANDS CENTER & GARDENS, the former Annenberg estate located in Rancho Mirage. Known for its sublime galleries, art-cool happenings, and nine-acre art garden, Sunnylands has become a cooler-weather must-stop for people visiting the desert resorts. It closed in March 2020, due to the pandemic, but it will again welcome guests for garden visits starting on Wednesday, Sept. 16. "The gardens and their 1.5 miles of walking trails will be available free of charge from 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Wednesday through Sunday," shared Sunnylands in an announcement. You'll want to wear a face covering, and review other safety policies before you go.

AS FOR WHAT THESE WALKS... might offer? Sunnylands suggests they're quite "peaceful" and a great way to commune with the desert. Including, of course, all of those beautiful barrels. Ready to find moments of inner-looking while on a stroll? Sunnylands is an optimal inner-looking sort of place, if you can draw your focus away from all of that fabulous flora. Though maybe you don't have to; bliss and barrel cacti appreciation feel like they might work in perfect concert.

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