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The Winchester Mystery House's ‘Explore More' Tour Returns

Roam corridors that have long been closed to the public... if you dare. (Surely you do.)

Winchester Mystery House

What to Know

  • San Jose
  • The tour returns on July 19, 2021; other tours, including a garden tour, are available for additional fees
  • $19.99—$41.99

THE START OF HALLOWEEN? Some people might circle the morning of October 31st on their calendar, or even an hour later in the evening. Others might claim that the Hauntingest Holiday on the Calendar kicks off on the first day of the 10th month, right when things are in full and eerie October mode. And more than a few fall fans would place the kick-off of the spirited season around the autumnal equinox. But plenty of Halloween lovers begin their celebrating in the summertime, when Halloween looms large on the near-ish horizon and orange-and-black decorations start to appear on the shelves. If you're in the last category, and you're looking for an adventure that has some of the eekier vibes of the season coming next, look to the...

WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE, where the "Explore More" Tour returns on July 19. If you know the San Jose landmark, you know that it is filled with famous room after famous room after super-famous room, and yet? There are some places that the public never sees, or very rarely. Those places include "the lonely, dark corridors of the third and fourth floors" as well as "the foreboding basement where paranormal activity has been experienced." Donning a hard hat? You will, but don't worry about showing with your own: One will be loaned to you for the visit. Learning the history of Sarah Winchester's rambling Victorian manse, and why some say it is haunted? That, too, is part of the mystique of this mysterious manse. If other tours tempt, like a saunter through the sunshiny gardens, those are available for an additional fee, too.

NEED TICKET INFORMATION? Follow this long and shadowy corridor to the Winchester Mystery House site now.

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