Lake Arrowhead

Themed Skate Nights Begin at Santa's Village

Stow your ice skates, don an ugly sweater, and spin your wheels at the Lake Arrowhead-close attraction.

SkyPark at Santa's Village/Denise Panyik-Dale

A WINTER-FAMOUS ATTRACTION... might make a person think of ice skating, the sort of chilly rink-based high jinks often seen in holiday movies. But sometimes a seasonal sensation can don a summertime vibe, and those ice skates? We need to hang them up for a few months, and find glittery boots with the wheels on the bottom, the roller-rad skates that help us glide along a flat, distinctly un-icy surface. That's what we'll be doing as SkyPark at Santa's Village switches over to roller-focused fun this summer, giving visitors to the mid-century attraction the chance to dance around an outdoor rink and don a costume or two. For each evening in the destination's Skate Night series, which begins on Saturday, May 28? Oh yes, a caboodle of themes is in the whimsical works.

UGLY SWEATERS... are first up, on May 28, while a disco-centered celebration, a night devoted to red, white, and blue (that's on the Saturday before Fourth of July, you guessed it), and a Pajama Night are all on the schedule, as well as Hip Hop Hooray nights and a Superheroes and Villains celebration. And wrapping it all up, mummy-style? A monstrously merry goodbye on Oct. 29, the final Skate Night of the season. A ticket to a single event is $20, and you can peruse the full list of 2022 themes at the SkyPark at Santa's Village site.

TRUE, December is the fa, la, lovely attraction's most famous month, but there's plenty happening around the property in summer, including mountain biking, ziplines, bouldering, and a birthday party for Arrow, Santa's trusty pup.

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